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Yamaha minidisc



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High Performance Recording and Playback

20-bit digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversion provides the highest quality record/playback system available to the consumer.

Improved Processing for Fewer Errors

24-bit quantization system with Block Floating Processing minimizes errors and assures the system's accuracy.

Complementary Synchro Sampling Rate Conversion

Automatically converts any digital source to 44.1 kHz.

Time Rescue Recording

Automatically saves the last four seconds of recording, eliminating the possibility of accidental erasure.

Synchro Recording

Works with Yamaha CD player to provide completely synchronized CD and mini-disc start at the touch of one button.

Convenient and Versatile Programmability

Versatile playback options include 25-track programmability, random and direct playback, 3-way repeat play, timer recording/playback, and digital encoder jog dial for quick search and skip.