AC / DC og AC / AC Adapter

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Adapter Oplader strømforsyning Netdel til bærbar laptop notebook


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Adapter Oplader strømforsyning Netdel t. bærbar laptop notebook. .Kan bruges til Acer, Asus, Hp, Compaq, Medion, Packard Bell, Fujistu Siemens, Zepto, IBM og flere .Universal notebook AC-DC adaptor fra AFX. 15-19VDC 6A max, 20-24 4.5A max.

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Adapter Oplader strømforsyning Netdel t. bærbar laptop notebook 

Using switching technilogy called"CUK DC/AC TOPOLOGY", combine with ourselves own DRIVER CIRCUIT, spike create a creation in AC/DC converting circuit, this smart universal home/office adaptor can provide up to 120W/90W atts of power, also with a high power factor. it is a great primary or back-up power source or your notebook, keeping this in your carrying case, and leaving the original one on your desk, you will always have power wherever are!
1. High efficiency up to 90%, high power fator Q>90%
2. With all safety protection: over-voltage, over-load, over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, current-limit protection.
3. Accurate regulated output, low ripple and low interference
4. Safety feature--automatic voltage regulation in the tips, which control the voltage to match your notebooks, prevent any wrong voltage setting incautiously.
5. Unique six(6) interchangeable patent pending tips are enclosed, compatible with most of high power notebooks
6. With purchase of additional tips (sold separately), it can also support many other portable electronic devices such as printers, LCD screens, DVD player. . .
7. World wide voltage AC100V~240V, the shape of plug varies depending on the country.
8. Power LED monitor for proter operation indication.
9. Simply plug and easy to use, no installation required.

  • INPUT:AC100V-240V.50/60HZ
  • OUTPUT:DC15-20V,6A MAX;DC22/24V,5A(120M)
  • DC15-19V,6A MAX DC20-24 4,5A MAX