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Sennheiser Gaming headset Pc 360


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God gamer headphone fra sennheiser

2 x 3,5mm MiniJack stik

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DKK 1.299,00 inkl. moms


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Yderligere information

  • Professional gaming with a cool head – the open design lets air in and delivers a natural listening experience
  • Sennheiser sound – excellent hi-fi sound and acoustics from your games, music, movies and internet calls
  • Noise canceling clarity – the microphone reduces ambient noise for crystal-clear conversations
  • All-in-one headset – when you want to enjoy movies or music, just move the microphone out of your way
  • Practical microphone mute – automatically mute the microphone by raising the boom
  • Ultra comfortable ¬– XXL velvet ear pads and a cushioned headband keep you going
  • Intuitive design – the volume control is integrated in the right ear cup
  • Freedom of movement – there’s only one cable, so you can turn your head without getting in a tangle
  • Peace of mind – thanks to the 2-year international warranty